i'm looking for someone who is interested in 
taking over the site.  i f you are interested in taking over and making
this shitty page look like something, write me and we'll talk.
lots of new stuff added today. . . as well as quite a few corrections thanks 
again to jon from the price guide
added 8 new cassettes and cassingles to the lists thanks to jon from the
cure cassette price guide.
found a third variation of the US top LP.  this one has picture labels with
an inner sleeve with lyrics. so there are three versions:
clear inner sleeve w/ picture labels
lyrics on inner sleeve w/ sire labels
lyrics on inner sleeve w/ picture labels.  
added in quite a few new items, nothing really exciting, promo stamped records,
etc.  i still haven't decided exactly when the trading page is gonna go up,
like i said, it's done but i'm just hesitant about putting it up.  maybe 
because i'm doing a lot of trading right now and won't be ready to worry 
about all the mail and stuff?  i may wait until after the summer when school
starts back up and i'll have time to deal with this kind of thing.  
it looks like my death threats and ranting and raving paid off.  for anyone
who cares, the records that were stolen out of my car over a month ago
have turned up safe and unharmed.  some "homeless looking guy" sold my $300
of records to some kid in the punk sector of atlanta out of his suitcase for $20.
the kid didn't really give a shit about them so he started giving them away to
his friends.  one of his friends happened to be a friend of mine and the
and i'm just glad i got my records back.  i wondered if i'd ever see a 
fascination street test pressing or the east german "quartett" 7" again.
added quite a few new LPs to that page, as well as a few compilations.
it looks like there is going to be a nice amount of LPs added in a few
weeks.  i'm only awaiting packages so that i can get the numbers and
add them. . .
ps-the record trading page is almost ready to go, but i'm awaiting a 
few more things to add to it and i have to fix one or two errors. . .
hopefully i'll make a link to it in the next few days so you can go to it,
and for those of you on the babble/descent lists, i'll post the URL to
those lists. . .
been in florida for a few days so that's why nothing has been added/updated.
spent the weekend combing every goddamn record store in south florida.
only came up with a few cure items, though.  i'm expecting a few packages
in the mail in the next day or so that contains records that i know aren't 
on the discography, so pretty soon there'll be some new items on here.
i know you folks have official stuff that's not on the discography so 
send me descriptions of what you have!
i found a variation on the US the top LP this weekend and have added it
to the discography:
there is one that has clear inner sleeves and picture labels, and one that
has lyrics on the inner sleeve and standard sire labels.  does anyone know 
which of these is more common?  i assume the one witht the lyric sheet.
maybe one is a promo?  if anyone knows anything, get in touch.
the record trading page is almost ready. . . i'd also like to thank the
few of you who have brought corrections/additions to my attention. . .
keep them coming. . . i am awaiting quite a few records in the mail so
there will probably be one or two new additions in the next few days. . .
*later* i added a links page. . .
filled in  some more numbas. . . i added a counter, too. . . don't know
why, no one comes here anyway. . . also added a records wanted/trading page.
soon it's gonna be a link my collection page, so check back soon if you
are interested in trading.
began work on the compilations section.  still have a ways to go but 
the more well known things are on there. . . fixed a few errors. . .
i'm about to begin work on my record trading page, so check back in a 
few weeks and i'll have a link to my trading page. . . also the cdv page
should be up in a few days. . .
added some new records to the LPs and 12"s, and fixed another error
 or two that i found.
some piece of shit stole $300 worth of records that i had bought on
 saturday. . .  stolen right out of my car. . . that's why the page
 hasn't been updated. . . i have a lot of free time tomorrow so i'm
 gonna add a bunch of new stuff that i missed before. . . and if
 you're the dickhead who stole my records, you betta recognize cuz
 you're gonna get dealt with. . .
added quite a few new items and fixed a whole lot of mistakes (thanks olivier).

--later--i keep finding fucked up shit. . . anything you folks can help me with would be appreciated. . . i'm missing a lot of catalog numbers and labels. . .

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