March 1999: Took over page from Scott. (owner since 1996)

April 27: Started maintaining the site.

June 5: Thanks to Anna at Hello Image for assistance.

July 27: Added X Files, and Orgasmo to Compilations.

August 21: Added links, also added a guestbook.

September-January: Nothing much.

February 3rd 2000: Bloodflowers added in CD's, and LP's and Full length cassettes for UK and US. Also, 2 more items added thanks to Marc.

February 23rd: Added 2 more Head on the Door releases to LP's thanks again to Marc. April-May: nothing much

June 18th: I hope everyone has enoyed the Dream Tour.

August 9th:Thanks for all the recent dream book posts. I know the page is boring, I'm working on it.

September-October: nothing new

21 November: Why no updates in so long? Cos there's nothing new!

December 2000-Jan 2002: Sorry, I wasn't paying attention.

10th Feb 2002: First Discography update since Feb 20 2000. I have added some of the newer promo singles and some corections. Nothing major though.

5th March 2002: Video section added at last! more to come.

6th March 2002: Major updating and editing are underway. I'm finding errors all over the discography. Please keep in mind I didn't always run the show here, so I'm fixing the errors. Also I'm finally changing the lay out to one that will be easier to read. This will take some time. 7" will be complete and up first. Maybe in 2 weeks or so.

12th March 2002: Some updates made. Editing still underway. This will take a while.

15th March 2002: Some updates. Still editing.

18th March 2002: Added a page for unconfirmed items. I expect it to grow as I edit the discography. If you can confirm the existence of any item on the page, please contact me!

25th March 2002: Newly re-formated and edited 7" singles page now online. Enjoy! More to come in the near future!

10th April 2002: Minor update In compilations. More updates and reformats being thought of, but don't hold your breath. I am finding the amout of promotional material to be a bit overwhelming to research. Most not having catalogue #'s such as official CD-R's. I'll do something about it eventually.

14th April 2002: 7" updated. Videos updated.

30th June 2002: Sorry for the lack of activity. Updates eventually.

21st July 2002: Minor corrections. Working at new job, been VERY busy. Updates are still on my mind.

24th July 2002: Minor 7" update. 10" reformat.

25th July 2002: 12" reformat underway. Estimated completion time: whenever. Stay tuned. Videos updated.

1st August 2002: You people need to know something: Lost Wishes is NOT a fanclub only release. Lost Wishes is a *COMERCIAL* release. You had to go to the Fiction Records office, and *BUY* it. It just so happens that if you were part of the US formed fan club, they gave you one. Who ever started the lie, that it was a fanclub thing, or believes it now: You're a moron! The Cure has never had an official fan club, so in that case would make Lost Wishes a bootleg! So think about that before you go polluting people's minds with nonsense, when you're selling your tape on eBay.

4th September 2002: I am still working on the 12" page. (when I feel like it)

18th October 2002: Updates are on hold, till I feel like making more.

9th December 2002: Sorry for the lack of activity. I've got lots going on, and lots more to come. I will eventually do something new with this. Also, once again I've bastardised my site with inline ads, in an attempt to stop the pop ups. If you continue to see pop up ads, please download Ad-aware from to eradicate spyware from you computer, that may be the cause of other pop ups. Eventually I will pay for a domain and stuff, then there will be no ads.

22nd January 2003: Tweaked the 7" Page, and fixed a few bad tags. (Stupid Frontpage doesn't do what I tell it to do.) I'm working on it this year...

12 February 2003: Minor updates.

8th June 2003: Small update. Should be a big one though. Maybe if someone hosted me, so I could leave this lame one, I'd be more motivated?

11th June 2003: Ok, I'm working on things again. new 12" page up soon.

13th July 2003: I have edited Dreambook to not include a field for the entry of email adressses. It has been replaced with a instant messaging screen name field. (AIM/Y!M only) This is so you can avoid spam. I don't know why I didn't think of this 3 years ago. If you wish for me to reply, just email me.

9th January 2004: Ok, so I made some sort of effort for a change. I've cleaned up all the dirty html on the index. I'm also looking into getting a domain, and a new host. This site will be "real" eventually. Oh, and I'm dumping the stupid guest book. New 12" page up soon. I mean it this time. I've actually been working on it k thx.

14th January 2004: New 12" page is up!

8th September 2008: Adding stuff. The pages that I have not bothered to clean up will just be sloppily updated until I redo the HTML. ....updated -_-

9th September 2008: Added more cassette info. Working on new LP page.

17th September 2008: Added some more bits.

23rd September 2008: Added a few things.

29th September 2008: Made some tweaks, and I'm continuing work on the new format.

13th February 2010: Been making minor additions here and there.

6th June 2010: Did a little work on it... 7th June 2010: Added the new LP page. Main Menu